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Resume Review - Indian Army Colonel

CV produced within a very short span of time by Respected Madam Aruna is of a unique calibre encompassing ONE AND ALL QUALITIES I possess !!

Efforts, labor and work put in by her is unbelievable in words.

Very respectful, very appreciable and very fair in her dealings.

What impressed me the most was her UNIQUE COMMAND over English language, ability to grasp client mind and tilt the pendulum in that direction !!

An unmistakable production of CV.


Colonel R.Singhal
24 April 2011

Tips to write a perfect resume

As you begin to prepare your resume there are few important aspects that you need to consider before making an attempt to design your resume.
The type of industry you are choosing and what are the main requirements in that industry should be identified. The next step is to match your education and skills and analyze whether you possess those required skills and experience to perform your job.
The next tip is to go through plenty of resume that are already written and those that match with your profile should be verified as a guidance. 
This gives a clear picture about your skills, talents and capabilities that give you more confidence to prepare your resume in a similar pattern.
For instance if you are applying for the position of a marketing manager in a pharmaceutical industry, you must take time to read the resumes of others who applied for marketing manager position and find out whether your profile is matching accordingly and how best you can include the content for your resume.

How to hire a resume writing service ?

To get a perfect job, you need a good resume writer who can help you to design your resume perfectly
Although there are many resume writers, you need a writer who can not only help you in designing your resume, but also can give you plenty of advice in giving a neat look to your resume.

Personalized approach

You also require a personalized approach to develop your resume that gives a professional look which will place you in a good job. 

Choosing your resume writing service is based on the kind of job you are choosing. This may be a hospitality job, nursing job or a management job in corporate sector.

Specific knowledge in your work area

Your resume writing service must clearly possess a very good knowledge in writing resumes specifically for your background. For instance if you are applying for a position of flight attendant, your resume writer will clearly know what are the requirements in that industry and what are the main key areas of emphasis required to be made in your resume.


How to get placement with your resume ?

You have a very nice academic record and you are looking forward for a fine job. But you really need to work on your resume in order to get placement easily.
Your resume is really important for you and for your prospective employer and in this aspect, you are going to pay attention in designing your resume in a perfect manner.
What are the main highlights of your resume ?
As you highlight your achievements and your skills, these are first noticed in your resume and will add points for you. 
You must also give a very brief about what exactly you want to achieve in future and emphasis more on what would be your contributions to the company.
Because companies are looking for employees who can give more to the growth of companies.
Quote your work experience achievements in specific
You may have worked in many organizations and you have a wide exposure to many areas of working. But since time is the essence, you must be very specific and to-the-point so that your employer will be quickly going th…

Find a good job as a fresh graduate with your resume

If you have been new to the job environment and you have graduated recently, then you are thinking a lot about your job prospects and the first document that comes to your mind is your resume. 
You really wish to impress your interviewer with your academic performance and ensure that you get a good job. But this requires a good effort in designing your resume perfectly that speaks about your skills, knowledge and academic performance.
If you have good knowledge about your subject area and feel more confident about your job responsibilities and in execution of duties, you will surely win the appreciation of your interviewer. 
But as compared to those who already in line with work experience and you being a fresh graduate how do you give a good approach.
The first tip to impress your interviewer is to feel absolutely comfortable and give yourself a comfort zone where you express that you are confident in your performance once you get placement.
The second tip is to participate in good conver…

All about your resume

The more you understand about your resume, the better will be your placement. This means, you really need to work very effectively on your resume in designing each section of your resume in a professional and presentable manner. Further it should also be easily understood and must provide information to the interviewer easily.
The interviewer should be able to understand that you can perform the given responsibilities quite nicely and in an efficient manner. 
This will keep up the presentation and you will be in the good books of interviewer, who will definitely short list your name.
But while drafting your resume, ensure that you provide complete accurate, relevant and accountable information that helps you to push forward your career. 
Be very clear about your past performance, achievements, confidence you have about your expertise level and your skills.
Always try to save the time of your interviewer by giving brief and to the point description about your career and achievements. This …

The success you can achieve as an affiliate

If you have been looking for an interesting source of income, affiliate programs are the best. But you really need to focus more on selling the products and this will earn good percentage for each sale you make through your membership. 
There are many customers who are looking for good products and spend a lot of time in searching for products. If you have a blog and if you can write good content about products, take time to write neat and descriptive articles and advertise your blog in blog directories and business directories. 
Search engines are always looking for useful and informative content for customers, which is really helpful in making a wise decision to purchase products. Since online source is considered the best place to purchase products especially with good discounts, many customers will take time to go through your articles and finally make a purchase of products that are being advertised through your blog. 
Further every new product that enters the market will defini…