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How to Start and End Resume Cover Letter?

How to write a resume cover letter? What are the main points of your profile to include?  How long should be my cover letter? These are some of the questions. There are few questions to ask before you begin to write cover letter. These are:

1. What is the job that you are applying for?
2. How many years of experience do you have?
3. What's the job description?
4. Does the job description match with your profile?
What is a Resume cover letter?
A Resume cover letter goes along with resume. Submission online or offline, cover letter is necessary to provide necessary information about your profile. 

Not necessarily you copy the content of your resume in the letter. Rather, you should draft to differently highlighting your profile. These would be to write about, why you are interested in the job and how you proposed to execute the duties, given a chance to join the company etc., 
You can briefly write, how the previous work experience would enable to perform the new job and write about…

How to Write Resume Summary that Grabs Attention?

Writing a Resume summary? Resume summary appears at the top header and it describes about your past and present achievements with expert knowledge and total years of experience.  For example - take note of the following.

"Technology professional with a decade of experience in software engineering with acute expertise in Big Data, ERP, CRM, NAV and ServiceNow with mangement skills and team leadership."

There is a lot of misconception about profile resume summary and resume objective. A resume objective is written for fresh Graduates with less than 3 years of experience or students just making an entry into job. Resume summary is mostly applicable to profile that have either 5 or 10 years of experience due to the fact that they handle a variety of job tasks at work place.  Resume summary is also called as "professional summary."

What are the areas of resume summary?

Prominent areas of resume summary are - level of your profile viz., mid-level or senior-level who can …

5 Best Tips for you to Learn Resume Writing for Success in Job Search

How to learn resume writing? Is it through online articles? books, videos or resume examples? The fact is, every learning material helps. There is plenty of resume writing guide available online and this is absolutely free. Spend time to reading resume writing articles, as this is a ready guide for learning. Heard of saying "Haste makes waste." That's absolutely true in resume writing.

For many, learning comes slowly and apart from reading, understanding the implications also works. So, if you have to learn about resume writing for seniors, what would you do?

- You would visit Google and type the keywords "resume writing for seniors" and go through the samples.

- You get plenty of search results.

Learn Resume Writing acquiring excellent writing skills

There are different ways to learn resume writing. Either you can start off by a certification course or use knowledge of books. Few top skills you need to write best resume are :

- Excellent English Grammar
- Easy…

What are the Best Factors to Choose Resume Writing Services?

Do you like it if an employer rejects your Resume? You say, certainly No. So what's the best chance to get placed? Apart from FTF (Face-to-face) interview, it's your resume.  In the changing world of employment, how to write a job-winning resume?

As of now, there are only a couple of guaranteed ways to apply for a job. Either you write on your own, or choose an experienced resume writer. So, if you have to write on your own, how to write it?

10 Tips for do-it-yourself resume writing

After you have written it, you can choose for a resume critic service. For a small fee, you can get a report about the positive and negative aspects of your resume. This will help you to rewrite it.

If you wish to hire a resume writer, keep a checklist of questions to get clarified about your job search needs. These are :

- Can you write my resume for the job position of _______________

- Do you have experience in writing in this line of job search ___________

- Can you share some samples _________…