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How to Know About Resume Building Activities for College Students?

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It is so exciting to be a college student. Because the life of a student is so full of aspirations, attending classes, taking assignments and watching grades coming your way.


The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. 

— Oliver Wendell Holmes 


Just after you complete your college education, you fly high as you are full of confidence to find a prospective job. This is so good for you.

True with Internet technology rising high in mobile devices, apps and e-commerce, exploring job opportunities is so easy now.

Resume writing for college students with no work experience

But there is a need to approach in the right way.

Your job search begins with your resume preparation.

What are those resume building activities for college students that help you learn about resume writing?

- Hold a discussion or a debate about resume writing
- Attend a workshop and ask questions about how-to write a good resume
- Participate in a job fair and meet recruiters and know what they search in a resume

If there is a resume writing assistance in your college, choose to highlight your resume.

Mostly resume is uploaded in job websites viz., Monster, career builder and several local job sites.

or else you can visit the office of a job consultancy and discuss about current job vacancies and share your job search requirements before submitting a resume.

Some consultants also offer resume writing service.

However, getting to know about your resume to be able to pass through the interview test, you need to get an understanding about crucial and potential areas of your resume that give you a hold.

The following  is the resume writing guide for college students:

- Never forget to write your full name including last name
- Provide a valid address, mobile # and email address
- If you have a profile in LinkedIn, add the URL
- Write your career objective statement not more than two sentences clearly that qualifies you for a job
- State the skills that you are good-at - both technical, administrative, managerial
- Write about your education - highest degree to the school education
- If you worked as intern, state the name of organization, state and duration
- Academic projects - Project name, duration, team size - State briefly about the project and quote the results of what you have learned.
- Computer skills are a must - List your computer skills
- List your Awards, certifications, activities, etc.,

About resume format, you can choose a simple style but maintain the consistency of font size and style of writing.

Before you submit your resume, ensure to read at least 3-4 times and attach a cover letter along with resume.

Resume writing tips for college students

- There are already resume templates online for freshers. You can choose one, but make your resume content interesting to read.

Take time to read resume samples in your line of career. Example - software engineer, management, agriculture, dentist, teaching, medicine, health, environment etc.,

Ensure to have at least 5-8 keywords that are relevant to your job and organize these keywords in your resume wherever required.

Resume building tips


Keep in mind that the more you know about your skills and can-do capabilities at work space, the better is your resume. Because your resume is more effective with your can-do efficiency voice.

Get the best resume


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Following these tips not only eliminate the chances of resume rejection, but it also improves the scope of receiving interview calls and job offers much better.

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