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30 Common Grammar Mistakes That Go Unattended in Writing a Resume


Grammar is an essential element of a resume. Following the rules of grammar not only make your content easy-to-follow, but also deliver the value and credibility.

It is quite unlikely that there is no need to pay attention to what you write. The one-page or two-page profile walks you through the boardroom to fetch you good job. It even makes you feel proud for your achievements.

The following are the 30 common grammar mistakes to pay attention to while drafting your Resume.

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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Resume

So, you would like to know how to make your resume outstanding. In fact, making it pass through  the scrutiny of recruiter, is a great achievement for shortlisting your resume finally.

As job vacancies keep emerging from small startups to large corporations, you know that the job of HR department is endless. The heavy score of applications even make their job cumbersome, even though software systems are in use.

You agree that your job of submitting application is just the beginning to a new phase for finding new placement with big dreams of career.

Guess - how many resumes are received by recruiters - 100, 500, 1000 or may be more. You never know how many vacancies are existing in a company.

Now you know - the competition is out there for every job description you read. Don't worry, its just general trend.

You can imagine - winning a job is like achieving a gold medal in university or Olympics. Do you agree?

The volume of hard work and time you invest in studying, helps you prepa…

How-to Know About The 20 Myths of Resume Content?

With technology in place, job opportunities have been growing rapidly. Particularly with numerous job sites, it is not a hard process to get suitable job alerts. However, many find it a difficult task to pursue the task of resume writing and meeting the requirements of job description.

How could you avoid mistakes and errors in your resume and make it outstanding? There are also many myths about resume content in respect of format, grammar, vocabulary and in describing each component of a Resume.

  20 Myths about Resume content are discussed here along with the answers to help you.


Following these tips not only eliminate the chances of resume rejection, but it also improves the scope of receiving interview calls and job offers much better.

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How to Write a One-Page Resume (3 Guided Steps)

Perform SWOT Analysis

It provides an excellent proforma for testing your skills and areas where you need improvement. Those areas that you adequately have, boost your resume and profile to exceed other applicants.

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How to Apply for Jobs as a Fresh Graduate?

Its an exciting hour to be called as a Graduate. The flourishing career is ahead of you. You have great plans to start a fresh.

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Resume Writing Quiz - Questions to Ask in Your Resume

All that you write in your Resume is definitely accurate. Because, the content talks about your potential job skills that provide confidence to the recruiter about you. So, how do you make it proven that your document definitely enables the goals and objectives of a company to hire you. True, that some versions of resumes are definitely at high end written most compellingly.

Although a regular pattern of a resume is to have - name, contact, profile summary, education, work experience, accomplishments, achievements and professional associations, ensuring that it meets the requirements of a job description is challenging.

At the end of resume writing work, it's now time to recheck and review your writing. Cross check with these resume writing questions and conduct a critical review and self-assessment of your Resume.

Apart from thoroughly checking your resume for errors, ensure that it meets the job requirements and attach a cover letter before final submission.

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