Careers by 2050 : Future Jobs & Resume Writing - Part I of II

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Do you know about the best careers emerging by 2050? Let's discuss about an example of B/W English classic movies. The jobs in black and white era were limited, and just after the emergence color-movies, careers in movies became unlimited. This reiterates a fact that, growth in technology and expansion in various countries economies, there's equal development in careers.

Past, Present & Future - Resume document has its unique recognition, whether or not it's been prepared according to one's profile, education, works held, achievements etc.,

Just like we say, no two resumes look the same or everyone's profile varies, each job has its own specifications, job description, requirement of education, skills and strength areas,  check the following blog post.

Freshers or currently employed, your resume is in need of various requirements and any lack of essentials lowers the quality of resume and even sometimes goes without yielding any results.

As we are discussing about popular careers by 2050, it's time to check and find out the requisite education, training and skills required for preparing yourself for future careers.

1. Dental Hygiene

Apart from having a Bachelors in Dental Science, having Masters Degree would be an additional plus. This enables you to get specialization in oral health and to set up your own dental practice or work for a dental clinic. Dental science is not just limited to root canal or prophylaxis and it's much a wider subject that spans from oral hygiene to cosmetic dentistry. Acquiring expertise in one or more fields would be a welcome by many health clinics.

2. Human Resource

Human Resource requires an MBA degree in Human Resource or a specialized course exclusively in HR. While there are many online institutes offering a degree, diploma and certification in human resource, it's best choose a long-term course that brings you a specialized knowledge equipping you adequately to apply theories, practice and invent new and innovative HR policies.

3. Pharmacy

Studying all about medicines, formulas, compositions etc., is a vast subject area at international level as pharmaceutical companies. Achieving Graduation, Masters and Ph.D in pharmacy sets career for a period of four decades, if you begin your academic pursuit in the field of pharmacy.

4. Bio-Medical

Biomedical is about medicine and biology design for developing healthcare products that are both diagnostic and therapeutic. This profession takes an in-depth study of engineering and medicine. With rapid growth in biomedical field, job opportunities are on the rise. 

5. Entrepreneur

If you conceptualize a business idea and make it really existent, you are an entrepreneur. Apart from nurturing new business ideas, an entrepreneur is also capable of building a business.  Emerging sector in small business is new Internet businesses that help achieve the needs and requirements of customer who lack in time. Identifying the time-saving methods and providing with the solutions is the major mission of an entrepreneur. In order to achieve this, a new start-up requires heavy groundwork, but it is not unattainable. Further, banks and financial institutions encourage new business ideas to help entrepreneurs achieve and realize their business goals. 

6. Software Developer

Software technology has unlimited career opportunities for now and future period of time. As new software technologies keep being added, it calls for specialized set of software skills to be able to work with applications, coding and programming. As there is growing need for software developers, programmers, software specialists, there are many jobs available in both MNCs and emerging software companies who hire UnderGrad and Graduate engineers who studied computer science, Information Technology, and other software related degrees.  In fact, if you are from other field and still acquired wide range of skills in software technology, you are still successful. In order to step into this field, having wide range of set of skills and keeping up with upgraded software knowledge prepares you for career enhancement.

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Acquiring wide knowledge in network and systems administration brings huge career and it also gives a better scope to choose a line of your interest.  However, expert level of knowledge is highly recommended as it barely keeps you in job, if your knowledge is limited.  Imagine, companies need LAN, WAN, remote and systems administrator and unless you have expert-level of knowledge in electronics, Internet and other-related areas, you may not be successful in achieving placement. Further, skills in sales, marketing, customer service and support will also be an added advantage. Therefore, choosing a career in this line, is recommended as there is little competition. 

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8. Lawyer

As you know, acquiring a Graduate or Masters increases the scope of jobs and successful placement. Finding a job as legal officer, or legal compliance officer or in a company's legal department, your career growth is assured for longer period of time. However, acquiring expert-level of knowledge in one or more legal subjects can still improve chances of getting placed in that line and even establish yourself as a professional expert. Acquiring Ph.D or being on the panel of board of directors of a company, also identifies your expertise in law. 

9. Nuclear and Solar Power Engineer

This unique field promises a great career for future. Studying nuclear science or solar power explore plenty of careers to work in a solar plant or become a scientist or work as a professor of a university or launch your own company with unique set of knowledge and skills.  However, acquiring appropriate and suitable academic degrees is quite crucial for launching a career.

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These nine promising careers by 2050 are long-standing and brings you safety in job. Choosing one of your interests and advancing in that line is much recommended as it settles you and keeps you in that subject line for long-time or even until your retirement.

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