10 Resume Tips for do-it-yourself resume writing

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Have you heard about do it yourself resume writing?  If you are a first-time-job seeker or an acute professional fully conversant with your profile, it's much easier for you to start working on your resume. So what are the primary goals of a resume when you are doing do-it-yourself resume writing?

How to find do's and don'ts of resume writing

1. Set goals for your resume. What results and goals are you expecting from its submission?  Do you wish to be among top 10 or top 25 of short listed profiles or you want to be the best candidate? Safely speaking, as you set your goal, working in that direction becomes a priority.  Clearly stating, if you wish to stay ahead, your document should be absolutely good and catch the attention of recruiter.

2.  Think how-to showcase your skills, capabilities, achievements and other activities in your professional and career activities.

3. If you have work experience, you have to be specific in describing each job task and ensure to write the top highlighting job task. Remember,  this is the most potential area for your job-search success. Making it big success nearly lies at least 95-99 percent in your work experience section.

4. Every achievement small or big need to be stated briefly.

5. If you have been changing jobs, describe clearly and concisely, how you improved your performance and discharged higher responsibilities. This will give a + plus to your profile.

6. Promotions, awards, recognition must be mentioned.

7. The responsibilities you held in an organization and your nature of work must be mentioned accurately.

8. Volunteer service, professional memberships, and activities stated will highlight your resume.

9. Read and re-read your resume for checking grammar and punctuation errors.

10. Finally your goal is to get the job offer after you pass interview.

How to refer resume examples for college students with no work experience?

Get an understanding how you will be screened in interviews.  While some take technical and HR round, others proceed with three rounds of interviews.  The questions asked must be answered accurately in professional conduct.

Your responsibilities rests solely to give confidence to the recruiting staff that you are the best and capable of doing the job very well.

Keep the length of your resume to one-page if you have less than ten years of experience and two or more if you have more than 25 years of experience.

How resume writing tips win you a new job?

The structure of resume would be:

1. Professional summary

2. Skill set.

3. Work experience

4. Education

5. Awards and recognitions

6. Volunteer service / professional memberships.

Use the following active verbs in the section of job tasks:


Use statistics, percentages and data to make your resume most compelling.


When you choose do it yourself resume writing, you need more care and organized thinking and understanding to write your resume. Remember, try to compete giving better presentation in a professional way.

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