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How to Find Your Dream Job Fast?

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You have a dream job goal and you work very hard towards achieving it. True that adequate education, skills, capabilities and smart-thinking are essential to get placed successfully. But all along, job search efforts also need to be accurate. Without mistaken, career experts give a special emphasis to say " Interview calls from multiple companies with job offers indicates your high efforts not only in resume preparation, but also your exceedingly good performance in interview."

So, how to set your dream job goal and how to work towards the same. These are some of the essentials that we are going to discuss in this post.

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1. Resume Doc

Nearly 100% of credit goes to your Resume when you receive an interview call. Why? Because, a Resume is your personal career marketer. It speaks on your behalf. It gives and supplies all of the  data and information that a recruiter looks in your profile. After all, if you a profitable and valuable candidate to help a company with its activities, you have your dream job.

Some of important aspects that you would be ensuring while applying for the job are:

  • Use action and active verbs that would appear exceedingly well
  • Quote and state most relevant highlighting aspects that keep ahead of all other job applications
  • Pay attention to the framing of sentences and paragraphs, punctuation, grammar etc.,
  • Avoid using too many prepositions
  • Stick to the use of job-related keywords with minimum use
  • Caution ! Avoid excessive use of keywords as it may be considered as span
  • Proof-read and corrected by friends or colleagues
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2. Setting it Right

As soon as you have Resume document, you quickly wish to forward it and wait for the results. Wait a minute ! Not so early, First decide, whether you wish to visit their office and hand it over along with cover letter or meet the HR manager.  If the mode of job application is by email, ensure you have proper format preferably content arranged in A4 size paper, selection of clear font and size and provide references.

Draft a suitable cover letter.  Attach it and write a brief mail to the recipient. Give a follow-up after the mail.

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3. Apply and submit job applications widely

Never assume that dream job comes your way with a single job application. The more jobs you apply, the better is your choice. Keep applying while reading job description, checking employer details and as long it matches your profile, you are good to go.

Register online at job portals based locally or few international job sites. Create your profile and upload your Resume and cover letter. Create one or more job alerts and soon as you receive job alerts, login and check to apply for the job. Pursue when your inbox has replies from employer.

Keep submitting job applications until you are selected.

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4. Never miss a cover letter

Though in a hurry to meet the deadline of applications, avoid missing a cover letter. If employer scores you with 75% for resume, 25% of marks are allotted for cover letter. The content of a cover letter is equally important.  Make it brief, but write about yourself generally, why you are applying for the job, what makes you fit and some skill highlights.

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5. Be ready to answer calls from employer

When your phone is not answered for a technical round of interview, you have almost missed a job. Because, employer may be hesitant to give a second chance. Always be first to answer your phone and give a cheerful tone. It's much appreciated.

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6. Prepare and Attend Interview successfully

Random walk through the employer's office may take away the option of recruiting you. In fact, your preparation for the interview, studying technical,  soft skill practice and body language, if well administered, you already have the job offer. Be present at least half-an-hour before the interview time and endorse confidence, communication skills and ask questions, employer appreciates your interest in the job vacancy. Preparation for the job comes even before you work on Resume. Therefore, Prepare always.

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7. Send a Thank you Note to the Employer

Sending a Thank you Note to the employer or saying Thank you personally when you meet at the office, conveys a lot about your personality. Apart from being professional, your conduct, rationale approach and maintaining office relations in a good manner, voice much about you on the positive side. Take time to say Thank you.


Dream job is yours when you prepare well and act fast. Procrastination is a No No when you need to act quickly and pursue the job. Groundwork, preparation, presentation and demonstration come together for your dream job success. Practice it without a miss.

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