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7 Specific Areas to Look for in Your Resume

7 specific highlights to look for in your resume

Resume writing is never out of drone. It keeps coming back whenever you wish to upgrade your career. In spite of having a lot of guides online, there is still scope for finding more about the dos and don'ts in resume writing. There is much to know and understand to put back in your Resume for success in job. Specifically when you really do not know how to organize content according to job description, the chances of your resume getting shortlisted are almost minimized. So, what does your boss wants to know about your profile?

1. Effectiveness in your profile

How strong and valuable has been your contribution to your employer? The positions held and deliveries you have made over a period reveal the credibility and familiarity in work areas. Building a work profile that combines huge set of expert areas and in-depth knowledge is most crucial. Because an employer requires wide or specific areas of expertise for their company. Proficiency speaks.

2. + skills + accomplishments + achievements

Prolonged years of employment definitely adds exclusiveness and builds a set of skills. Quoting these to your Resume not only highlights your working capabilities, but it also speaks about the projects you can undertake and accept the work challenges to handle independently.  Your past and present work accomplishments indicate your strength areas. It implies that you have achieved targets, met deadlines of project or built a team or fixed issues in respective areas of your work.

3. Education + certifications

Adding to the advantage of your career profile, academic qualifications state and establish your candidature. Employer scrolls through your academic achievements to get a view of the majority of subject areas you pursued. Professional certifications are an add-on to your current profile and the more you quote, the better is your Resume.

4. Work History

Stating work history is the most important area as it describes career span, jobs held, execution of works and how you demonstrated your working skills.  Either writing of long paragraphs or making it a long list must be avoided. Instead, providing a list of bullet statements that have actually helped your employer will be beneficial. Tasks that are irrelevant must be avoided.

5. Strengths and strong valid areas of work

Every Resume has certain validity and finding a suitable job that stays perfect with your Resume is essential. For example, if your profile indicates strong translator skills in a one or more specific languages, you can apply for translator or editor jobs. Staying relevant with your Resume is essential.

6. Professional associations & memberships

Finance, sales, marketing or IT, your professional associations are quite helpful. They convey that you are consistent in getting latest updates of the market trends and changes.

7. Awards and recognition

Best employee or best team lead recognition, they matter most as it identifies with your true and genuine quality of your working methods. Stating these in your Resume add value.


No two Resumes are identical. It need lot of working. Without laying an outline and detailed analysis of a profile, a perfect resume cannot be written.

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