5 Best Tips to Write Good Quality Resume Content

It's all about writing good quality resume content. Beginning with career objective or profile summary, the writing style, flow of language and grammar invites a great attention. Choosing short sentences is recommended by career experts. Sentences not more than 12-15 words or not less than 20 words would convey proper and easily readable English. Simple, yet easy-to-follow content is recommended for your Resume. 

Following are the five best tips:

# 1. Choose proper arrangement and alignment of words

Apart from writing your name, address, contact number and email-id, you need to specify your career objective. This can be anywhere from 2-3 sentences. It can contain few keywords, brief about your profession and your job goals. 

# 2. Expertise / List of skills

This is part is primarily about the skills of your career. While the keywords may be either one or two, you can arrange it in a line in your resume format.

# 3. Education qualification

Simply, name the degree, university studied, location followed by year of passing. GPA can also be mentioned. Add certifications as well. 

 # 4. Write a List of Responsibilities Held

Depending on the duties and job tasks you have held  and accomplished along with good results, you can state in your resume briefly. Many HR managers prefer to read short and brief sentences. Writing good quality content and effective framing of sentences results in the satisfaction of a recruiter.  Even if there is a need to write long sentences, selection of words should be appropriately done. It's ideal to avoid too long sentences making it difficult to read. Simple and direct sentences are always good and convey proper meaning.

# 5. Recheck and proof-read resume content

Content  is the prime most important aspect of your resume. In fact, the profile you intend to deliver with your resume need to directly bring a positive response from recruiter. Paying good attention to grammar, punctuation and vocabulary is at advantage. 


Ensure to review resume content prior to the final submission. Fix errors and mistakes if you find any. 

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