How to choose the resume format ?

There are basically four types of resumes formats :
1.       Chronological Resume
2.       Functional Resume
3.       Combination Resume
4.       Hybrid Resume

A resume format is chosen depending on the educational qualifications, work experience and skills you have for a particular job. You definitely need to pay special attention to the job description and make sure that you meet all the requirements of a job and make your resume neat and appealing. 
The format of a chronological resume
1.       Name:
2.       Address:
3.       Phone and Email
4.       Career Objective
5.       Summary of work experience highlighting achievements
6.       Academic Qualifications
7.       Work Experience
8.      Responsibilities in job
9.      Achievements / key contributions 
10.   Volunteer/Community work

Functional Resume Format is as follows :
1.       Name:
2.       Address
3.       Email, phone
4.       Objective
5.       Achievement skill:
[use of skill to solve a problem]
[use of skill resulting in improving contribution, meeting company’s objective, market share, inventory reduction]
[Functional awards]
Major skill:
[Other activity which supports the achievement skills]
[Other sub-skill which supports the achievement skills]
Work Experience:
[Name of the organization             Location          Designation            Period]
Achievements/Key contributions
Academic Qualifications [most recent first]
6.       Additional Details
Functional Resume format is recommended for the following people:
1.       For those who are aspiring for a career change
2.       For those who are taking up a job with time gap in their career.
3.       If you have been an entrepreneur for many years and would like to take up job now and work in corporate sector, you need to prepare functional resume with your details for being successful in getting a job.
4.       While making a selection of skill sets, you should choose those that are relevant to your future or targeted job objectives. The work experience based on skills and achievement can be divided into skill sets such as marketing skills, retail marketing skills, supply chain skills, general management skills, sales skills and financial skills. The skill sets have to be highlighted and will also depend on the prospective employers needs.

Format of Functional Resume with summary of skills sets:

1.       Name:
2.       Address:
3.       Email, Phone
4.       Objective:
5.       Summary of skill sets:
6.       Achievement oriented transferable skills
-          Mentioned achievement in skill is to be highlighted and applicable to desired position and one which you to pursue in your next job.
-          Give another example

Mentioned achievement in skill is to be highlighted and applicable to desired position and which you wish to pursue in your next job.
-          Give another example
7.       Academic Qualifications
8.       Work Experience
9.       Additional
1        Personal Data

What Recruiters Look for in Applicant Resumes :

Recruiters are always concerned about their applicants. Apart from being totally dedicated to the job, they look for the following :

1.       Attitude
2.       Communication skills
3.       Integrity/honesty
4.       Interpersonal skills
5.       Teamwork
6.       Adaptability
7.       Analytical ability
8.       Leadership
9.       Initiative
10.   Innovation
11.   Passion for work and keenness to learn

Analytical skills are required for the following corporate services:
Consulting service industries
Financial services
Banking sector
If you have done courses, you should include your analytical thinking capabilities, good data interpretation, strong participation and demonstrate problem solving abilities.
Demonstrate your initiative capabilities in your resume:
-          Make sure that you are a self-starter
-          Introduce new ideas
-          Mention if there is any activity initiated by you and if it has been adopted in the wider system.
-          State whether you have developed new business lines
-          Mention if you brought new clients or vendors to the company
-          Mention if you have evolved and implemented any new plans
-          Mention if you have published any papers
-          Mention if you have developed new markets
Demonstrate your Leadership capabilities in your resume
-          Elected or nominated positions
-          Captain of any sport team
-          People Management
-          Facilitated Meetings
-          Organized events,
-          Team work
-          Team Leader
-          Member of any sports team/ task force/committee
-          Helping in implementation of project
-          Communication skills
-          Participation in debate
-          Interpersonal motivational skills

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