How to write a fresher resume?

A resume is an important document for an employer to know about your education,work experience and skills.  Applying for a job and trying to get job placement will require the submission of your resume. Making your resume in a very special and appealing way can surely be a very good advantage and benefit for you and it will also make you successful in finding a good job.

For freshers, writing a resume is a very big job and with good experience as an intern or as a volunteer, you can definitely take up a full time job after successful graduation or masters education.

Objective in your resume is a highlighting aspect that you must give good care in writing your objective. This can be stated briefly that you are seeking a suitable job placement based on your education qualifications.

You may be a qualified graduate in accounting, hotel management, cost accounting, finance, information technology, computer hardware technology, engineer or a doctor.

Your objective is definitely a decisive factor to place you in a suitable job position. As a fresher you can always look for a good start-up so that in a span of couple of years, you can surely look forward to a higher position.

It is also important to understand that your every day work experience in a company is a knowledgeable asset for you and it helps you to know and understand about corporate work environment and gain expertise in your area of profession.

Since employers would definitely take a view about your education as a priority, it has to be provided at the top of your resume, stating the name of graduation course, name of university and the duration of graduation. GPA is also important as it indicates your performance and it will help your resume to get short listed.

Your academic projects or practical experience is an important part of your resume. It will provide an overall view to an employer as to what you did in your project and how you did it and finally what were the results you achieved.

Skills, knowledge in your subject and your experience in relevant area can be quoted in your resume. This will help the employer to assess your skills and take a decision about your performance.

If you have achieved any scholarships, awards or honor you can quote them and this will be a very good highlight aspect of your resume. Not only it will impress your employer but it will immediately reflect on recruiting you on the basis of merit considering it as a credential.

There are different formats of resumes used by resume writers and resume writing companies. These are depending on your qualifications, skills and experience that you have achieved as a fresher or as a regular employee.

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