When - How and Why Resume Fails? (What to do?)

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Efficient resume writing tips are nearly essential to know to cut through the job search. You may be working on your resume repeatedly, with no chances of receiving a call for an interview. You would be disappointed and continue writing your resume. You have heard of workforce as - green collar, blue collar and white collar. 

Green collar

Green collar workers are employed in environmental sectors and protect greenery.  Every measure of care is considered and taken through the implementation of policies, design and technology.  Workforce is active in environment, energy, recycling, solar power, wind energy, electric vehicles, bio fuels, geothermal energy.

Green collar worker Resume sample

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Blue collar & white collar

Blue collar and white collar workers are occupational employees who carry out labor works to professional tasks. Blue collar workers wear uniforms generally in blue color.

Sample Resume for Blue Collar worker

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Working for various sectors demands not only a prescribed qualification, also proper Resume document. Especially, if you are seeking an entry-level placement or a high-level position like Project Manager, Director (Projects) etc., elevation of resume is essential. This requires data-driven accomplishments,  huge list of expertise areas and various dimensions of  works held in the present and past employment.

Why a Resume fails?

The primary sign of not receiving any replies or rejection emails indicate that your resume needs reworking.  When and how a resume fails and why? Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Content is not readable
  • No proper formatting
  • Inadequate data and information
  • Improper composing of content
  • Punctuation errors
  • Grammar errors
  • Sentences are too long
  • Excessive use of keywords
  • Not meeting the requirements of employer
True, the convenience of online resume preparation sources have given the best opportunity to design resumes with the help of templates.  Even, the selection of wrong template can leave a negative impact on your Resume. Therefore, meticulous care, extensive resume writing knowledge, and SWOT analysis is necessary.

Avoid These words

Some job seekers presume that Resume is a personal document and can be written in first person. No, that's not true. Please make a note that, Resumes do not use the following words:

  • I
  • You
  • She, He, They, Their, Them, her, him
  • Too many conjunctions and propositions
  • Excessive use of compound words
  • Long sentences 
  • Excessive of punctuation
  • Confusing sentences
  • Describing more than one concept in sentences
  • Ambiguous content

Most common pattern for a good Resume is:

  • State Name clearly
  • Add address, email and phone
  • Add profile summary or career objective
  • Highlight your potential skills
  • Academic profile
  • Work Experience
  • Professional associations or Memberships
  • Awards / Rewards / Accomplishments
  • Make one or two page Resume

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