What not to include in your resume ?

Your resume is a document proof about your education and work experience. As a fresh graduate or as an experienced employee, you have a lot of better scope to write a winning resume that assures you good job. But while writing your resume, you should make sure that you must understand about the dos and dont's of in your resume. Apart from your name, address, mobile #, email, education, internship training, projects and activities,  it is important for you to know what not to include in your resume. You can easily avoid resume writing mistakes   and this will bring a very successful job.

       - Never overstate the truth on your resume

      - Never include negative information on your resume

       - Never include salary information

        - Never present a resume with errors

    - Never include reasons for leaving job

    - Never submit a resume that is difficult to read

    - Never include a vague or unclear objective in your resume

          - Never send a resume with handwritten comments
Making comments in your own handwriting or if someone has commented on your resume, it is never recommended to forward your resume with the handwritten comments.  It leaves a very negative impression to the employer apart from losing the opportunity to not to shortlist for the respective job.
Make sure that you write a fresh resume and do not include any handwritten comments.  Make sure the resume format and the content is neat and accurate.

     -  Never send along supporting documentation

It is never recommended to attach supporting documentation along with your resume.  An employer would like to go through your resume initially and would like to know more about your academic and work experience details. There is no requirement of education credentials at this time now. Therefore it is definitely important to work on your resume along with cover letter. Documents of evidence or education credentials have to be produced only upon request of an employer and there is no requirement of documents to attach while forwarding resume and cover letter.

      - Never send a resume without a cover letter

A cover letter is the most important document apart from resume. In spite of the fact that your resume can be uploaded online, you must never miss including or attaching a cover letter. A cover letter is also read and referred by a recruiter and an employer. So you always work on your cover letter once you complete writing your resume.

Forwarding a resume along with cover letter will always leave a very good impression about you and the info and details you include in your cover letter should be very satisfying and highly rewarding.

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