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Resume Objective Statement examples for Internships


During the time of degree education, you will always be aspiring for a good internship program to learn and gain some kind of work experience. It brings a lot of inspiration, encouragement and willingness to search for a good job after attaining graduation. There are many companies that look for fresh graduates or graduate students to work as trainees.

Objective statement in Resume

So the basic requirement of documents includes your resume and your identification from college/university. After your name and contact details on your resume, the most significant part is to write your objective statement. As a student, you are still pursuing your studies and may not have an idea as to how a company functions, its activities and its operations. But you have an objective for your career, which means your ambitions, goals and future plans. So it is important to be brief and to the point saying that you are a student of graduation or a Ph.D student seeking to find placement in certain area of professional in an industry or an organization.

Student with a Degree in Accountancy

Example: Seeking an internship placement in an accounting firm to learn and apply subject knowledge and deliver accurate works

Here the student is stating in the objective statement that he/she wants to gain some experience by working in accounting firm and understand about the real application of accounting methods and principles.

Student with a Degree in Hospitality Management

Example: Seeking an internship placement in hospitality organization to deliver most important and significant job results and learn about the system of hospitality operations

In the above example, the student is stating that by working in a hospitality organization, he/she will be able to understand about the operations and functions of a company, thereby gaining initial work experience that promotes search for a full time job.

Different objective statements for various professions

Objective statements in a resume are not the same for all professions. Every area of profession requires certain skills and working knowledge to apply in order to complete the jobs successfully. So depending on the area of degree you have chosen, your selection of internship and the role has to be searched and this will build your subject knowledge and also equips you for a full time job.

Dos of an objective statement

§  Always write presentable sentences that are impressive to read. Never be over ambitious in your objective statement but rather sound as a good student who is looking for a good growth in career.

§  Choose good and simple words that bring good meaning and convey what exactly you are offering to the company as a trainee.

§  Write two important sentences and frame your resume objective statement in a perfect way and read it twice or thrice before it is finally completed and selected.

§  Since you are still a learner, you need to work very hard to indicate that you can prove yourself as a good employee, if the company recruits you as a full time employee.

Don’ts of an objective statement

§  Never write a paragraph or more as an objective statement.

§  Never exaggerate about your skills or interest, as it may not impress the employer.

§  Never be demanding as you are seeking an entry level placement in job sector.

Be specific what you are looking for

You have to be very specific in what you are writing and state your interest of area in the company, such as accounts department, stores department, research department or purchase department or on-site work or any such section that you wish to work so that you can go ahead and apply for your first job after your attain a degree.

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