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The most important and common question, how can I seek resume writing advice? Where can I find? How will I find good guidance? In this blog post, I will discuss about resume writing and some of the best tips and advice that will be of good help.

In my experience as a resume writer, I noticed that every profile and the needs of a job seeker vary distinctly. So I had to conduct a thorough research and design a resume as per the requirements of an applicant. The point I am emphasizing here is, as a job seeker, first you need to look into some of important aspects that are as follows:

- What kind of a job are you interested in?
- Why are you interested in this particular job?
- What are your near-end and future job goals that can make you as a prospective applicant
- Do you qualify for the skills that you wish to apply for?
- Are you ready to compete and how effective is your resume?
- Are you confident that you will be totally satisfied, if you get recruited in new job?

 These questions help in making an assessment about your own evaluation and prepare you to work on next job. If you are a fresher, you need to do focused groundwork listing your skills, subject knowledge and choose some of the important jobs that fit in your academic profile.

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If you feel confident that you are capable of writing your own resume, it is quite a nice idea. But there are few key aspects to know to avoid mistakes and errors. Read about - what are the components of a resume

The following is a list to make a note before writing a resume:

- What is the purpose of your resume
- What is the headline / key job position you are applying for
- What are the keywords you are including in your resume
- What are the specialized skills / areas that you are capable of working without any hassle
- Is your education suffice for the job title
- Are you voicing efficiency in resume
- Have you read any resume samples 

 Now that you have understood some of crucial and key areas of a writing a resume, there are also few other guidelines to make your resume pass all the tests.

Focus content to aim at targeted  Job / Industry

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This area gives a lot of information and details about you to the employer. Because your resume is written in a style with relevant skills and description that satisfies the audience. The first rule of resume success lies in when it fully satisfies the readers by providing valuable data in the closest industry that the job is available.

Do SWOT Analysis

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Test your resume by passing it through SWOT analysis. S (Strengths) W(Weaknesses) O (Opportunities) T (Threats)

SWOT analysis done for your resume indicates the success percentage of your resume. With critical analysis, you will be able to get an analysis.

Expectations of Results

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When you read resume thoroughly for more than 10 more times, you are able to provide best answers to the questions and also gain more knowledge about how to attend an interview, if called for. Because, you have thorough with the content written in resume, every keyword, accomplishment, key roles, responsibilities,  duties and team work you participated.and contributed.

Avoid Too Much of Information (TMI)

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Verify your resume for TMI, too much of information is likely to bring negative results, by far more than positive results. Restrict the content to a certain limit where the job description demands.

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Help from Resume Examples

Internet has many useful sources that alows you to go through the samples. Reading well-written resumes will explore many ideas for you to craft a neat and nice resume that works in your favor. It is not necessary that you read only your job-related samples, but be interested to go through a wide variety of resumes. This will expand your knowledge and help you with dos and donts in a resume.

Guidance for job search

As your resume gets ready, the next phase of action is to apply for jobs and take a job search.  As we discussed above, whether you are targeting just one particular job, or ready /willing to play a multi-role will decide your job search category. It is also a good idea to create job alerts and upload your resume and follow up with the company.

Professional Resume

You know, a professional resume is never turned down and even if some interviews are lost, you will still expand more scope for winning a job. Because professional resume is impressive and works until you are happy with a job.

Tips to find best job with Resume

While searching for a job, you have certain preferences such as attractive salary, convenient commutation, perfect company that wants you for work, etc., When you do not find any of these parameters or preferences, you let go that job. Therefore, apart from a professional resume, you should also know about best companies and best jobs.

how a job counselor can provide you with best job advice or some of the best sources to find resume writing guide.


You learn by experience and practice. But reading online is a ready-meal that has excellent guide to put you on the right track of job. Please come back for more blog posts on resume writing advice.

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