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In my career as a resume writer, I came across many Engineering Graduates who are fresh seeking their job. You know that freshers are greatly in demand particularly when their GPA is at the top showing their knowledge and academic performance. Whomever I worked for, they all got a job, I am not boasting here, my point of emphasis is that, to write a technical resume, you really need to know how to produce an organized resume.

The most common format of a technical resume is:
  • Heading
  • Career Objective / Profile summary
  • Work history
  • Key Accomplishments
  • Technology skills  
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Professional Memberships 
Sometimes the order of arranging sub-sections in a resume may vary. But the final representation is a crucial part to make it as a working resume, this means, your resume earns you jobs.

Computer and software technology jobs have reached to a paradox level. According to a source, it is estimated that in 2016 more than 1.357 billion euro revenue will be earned through software, hardware and IT services.

The source estimates that in 2016, more than 1,357 billion euro revenue (USD1,495 billion) will be made through software, hardware and IT services. So, it is quite apparent that future is Information Technology (IT)

Desktop, laptop, Tablet and mobiles have already transformed the world and life style. Software development, programming languages, Internet technology, Networking and cyber security and software product development are greatly in demand for both IT and non-IT companies.

With much said, you can have a great career in IT industry. I will discuss more about how to write a technical resume effectively.

What is a Technical Resume?

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A Technical resume is ideally designed for computer careers / software careers. When you are seeking a job opportunity in computer / IT industry, you need to present your IT skills as , OS (Operating systems), Languages, software programming skills and Databases.  With or without any experience, it takes a definite effort to write a technical resume. Because, resume writer also need to know about IT working environment and about exclusive preparation required.

 If you began as a software engineer or assistant software engineer, you have good working knowledge on web systems and client projects. You will be assigned to do some daily tasks on client server and this will be a routine task.

There are other jobs like system analyst, web designer, Software Architect and many senior IT jobs. Therefore for a technical resume, the style, pattern and format varies and that is how it should be prepared to differentiate between junior, middle and senior IT employment.

Before writing a technical resume, analyze the following:

- Profile analysis
- Summary of IT skills
- Evaluate the job position / title
- Where exactly an applicant resume fits and how to make it more appealing
- Professional analysis
- Skills - familiar- working - expert
- Focus and provide the first-hand info about what employer is need of in your resume
- Assess whether an applicant's Resume fits for carrying-out assigned tasks / execution / decision-making
-  Collect the data, if it is for a programmer job

Tips for Best Presentation

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While resume templates offer a great convenience and cut down most of the resume designing part, it is quite essential to choose a template that suits ideally for an applicant's profile. Whether a one-page or two-page resume, organizing content systematically and giving special emphasis to the essential parts of technology skills, key role in employment and accomplishments definitely brings good results.

It is required to have a correlation between your skills and your work profile, or else, your academic profile must detail your proficiency / acquisition of technology studies.  Some times, an applicant has either a long-standing work profile in a single IT area, like Java, or if you have a professional multiple skills in IT architecture, Share Point, SQL, .Net, ASP.Net, XML, etc., a detail description must be available as per the job description.

Now the latest software skill is Android App development, Apple Apps and it requires exclusive knowledge in Java Language is required for learning and certification. Therefore, demonstrating enthusiasm and narrating your skill in IT industry delivers excellent results.

Your expertise and contribution to an organization are equally calculative and in fact, knowing more of your professional working environment adds value to your career. Also, when your resume is successful to place you before the interview panel, any relevant questions in line with your resume need to be answered to reassure the panel that you are capable of carrying out their assigns.

Mistakes to Avoid

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It is recommended to ensure that your resume matches relevantly with job description or in fact you have more than what is required in a specific IT functional area. Like I stated above, employer recruits you when your resume out-stands in a crowded resume file. It is a good practice to avoid the following mistakes while applying for an IT job:

- Prepare a sketch of your profile;
  • list of skills, 
  • employment accomplishments e.g. completion of projects, maintenance, delivery of services, knowledge in specific line of industries; Insurance, Manufacturing sector, FMCG, etc.,
  • IT working capabilities; what you can do, what you cannot do, your knowledge levels, expertise in IT skills, 
  • Evaluate your sketch as to where exactly you fit in IT and quote your satisfaction levels for personal assessment
The above rough sketch will bring a complete analysis about your record and from hereafter, you can start working on your resume. This is an aspect to get discouraged, you know that the skills you have may not be found in else, where you stand unique to apply for a specific job.

- Maintain honest voice while writing about IT skills acquired / working experience / key role etc.,
- Get confirmed in saying "yes, I know, I worked on this particular technology / language / subject / field and this is only to make yourself to be presentable in voicing your resume
- Ensure to be at advanced level, like knowing about latest technologies, how they are useful, applicable and implementation
- Now that you know about target job, provide full and final length of information that employer seeks in your resume. Avoid half-information

Specialized and Unique IT skills

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As I stated above, IT resume is a technical resume where you are describing all your talents to work and develop software.  When you have advanced and unique IT skills, state them only if they are relevant to your job. If panel gives you an opportunity to explain an additional learning, you will be happy to disclose about your learning.


A technical resume is different from the regular job resumes. With the growing IT job opportunities, gaining expertise in writing technical resumes will be a good opportunity to establish your resume writing service.

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