6-Job-winning Tips to Write a Best Translator's Resume

Translator resume

Who is a translator?

A translator is an expert with adequate skills to speak and write in a foreign language. Most often, they are trained and certified to work as a translator.  While there are countless languages in the world, to excel as a linguist, the following are the top 10 international languages that are greatly in demand.

  • Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Arabic (Middle-East)
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Hindi
In an increasingly diversified working culture, launching a career as a linguist is definitely valuable.

Potential skills required for Translators

Basic, Intermediate or expert level of knowledge in translation, your resume necessarily will confront certain challenges and these are -

- Meet the expectations of recruiter

- Translation skills you can offer 

- Knowledge and accuracy to work on PC

- Excellent writing skills in target language

- Excellent communication skills to communicate with client

- Versatility to speak one or more languages

- Indicating efficiency and caliber in translation jobs

As this job opportunities have increased online for the translators, there's a stiff competition and in order to stand unique in your translation services, your resume need to speak outstandingly.

How to Write a translator resume?

First and foremost, be prepared to draft a new resume for each location or country you are applying for as a recruiter may wish to see your resume in their own preferred language.  Keep a copy of resume in English and go on with resume preparation in non-native and distinctive languages, as per the request of employer.

How to Begin a Translator Resume?

First section of Resume 

Write your name, address, email and contact #

Headline of Resume      

Translator in (Name the languages)

Example - English to Mandarin Translator

Resume Objective   / Profile Summary      

Years of experience you have and the key highlighting writing  and speaking skills in translation services. If you are applying online, profile summary would be more effective.

Example : English to Spanish translator with degree in B.A with extensive translation experience online over a period of 5 years. Expertise in writing for B2B and B2C industries and professional skills in using translation software, editing and proof-reading.

Write languages in which you are specialized and the areas of expertise.

Example - English to Danish Translator for Finance, English to Japanese Translator in Medical, Science, Business etc.,

Professional Qualifications 

Name the certifications, college or university studies and year of passing.

Professional Skills       

Use plenty of active verbs to describe about your writing skills and name the clients whom you have worked for and translation assignments.

Total number of words translated 

 Word count matters most in translation jobs. The time-consuming task of translation work, is apparently more detailed when you state an approximate number of words you have translated for each assignment.

While in U.S, language credentials are highly gauged, countries like China, Japan, Arab and Spain, they look for more accuracy in work and the more effective your resume is with education and projects you have handled, the better are the results.

If you have been in full-time employment, your resume need to have work experience, name of employer and tenure of service. In the work experience section, you can list out the job tasks you have done.

If you are a freelance translator, then gaps in job may occur and it's good to omit such area and go on with the past 3-4 immediate jobs and highlight your working skills. Additionally, specialized subject areas also provide a strong value to your resume.

Knowledge of Dictionary

Add the name of dictionary you use in your work and how often you refer dictionary. This will impress the recruiter as your interaction with dictionary is likely to produce high quality translated content.

When you submit your resume, let it go along with cover letter.

Mistakes to Avoid while writing a resume

  • Do not repeat words. Keep a list of synonyms to convey genuine interest in your resume.
  • Use simple words to frame sentences and avoid too long sentences.
  • Speak professionally in your resume and avoid talking about your hobbies and interests.
  • Avoid boring language.
  • Avoid too many adjectives and add verbs.
  • Never miss a cover letter.
  • Prove valuable to the employer

Translation work is a creative work and although you are technically proven, it takes a while to settle down with reputation. Therefore, ensure to present yourself as a professional translator. Your resume must speak about your efficiency, quality, accuracy and punctuality in deliveries. 

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