How to write work experience section in your Resume? (Discussion)

work experience

Is it too hard to write a good quality resume? Many ask this question. The best answer is it will be hard, if you think it to be. 

The fact is, writing a resume requires lot of knowledge. It requires a skills and specialized and in-depth experience to know how a resume works and delivers reviews for a reader. Generally speaking, many are of the opinion that collecting data of education, work experience and skills is enough to organize a resume. This is not true.

A resume is much more than data. It is a story about your work profile. How you launched your career, what were the jobs you did and how you excelled in your career is what is so pronouncing in your work profile requires to be highlighted in an apt way.

While many writers accept the fact that writing a Resume is a skill, it also requires an additional skill of understanding a job profile in its totality to be able to write a quality resume that adds value. Why? Because, if you are 50% as an experienced professional, another 50% is your Resume. This means how you present your profile in a document matters more to be able to tap success in job market.

Although, there are many guides, articles, blog posts and books on Resume writing, many find it as a new task to start working on each resume. It's because of the uniqueness of each profile, jobs held, works done and their professional expertise.

You may be finding the repetition of resume headlines, elements and other areas. However, most significantly content preparation varies and as agreed, the success of a resume is its content preparation.

What are those crucial areas of Resume content? Let's discuss:

Work experience

This being the most important element, working on this section is definitely difficult.  How long each employment details need to be along with tasks held and accomplishments. It depends on the nature of your job role and the volume of work managed by you.

Let's take an example - if you have about five years of work experience in a company, definitely you would handle more responsibilities in a span of five years and if you have been promoted, there would be additional responsibilities.

Therefore, you need to comprehend the tasks and make it as a specific category of task. That is to say, if you have done more than 10 tasks per day in different departments, you need to categorize it as - 

"collaborated with sales, marketing and finance team for setting up schedules for monthly targets."

Your interaction with senior management or working within the team for execution of tasks must be specifically stated.

Delete irrelevant information

Within the work experience section, you may come across irrelevant data or information that need not be featured on your resume as it may appear as irrelevant data for recruiter. So, how would you know which is irrelevant?

Let's say you are applying for the job of HR Manager. For human resources you need work experience in recruitment, HR policies, labor laws and enactments applicable for the state, management principles and organization behavior, employee management, retention etc.,

When you are applying for the job of HR Manager, would you consider adding skills about sales, marketing and finance?

Even though you had previous work experience in these subject, you would not write as it is irrelevant to discuss about your skills in sales and marketing. Recruiter would be more interested to see whether you are qualified for the job role of HR. 

Therefore, adding more about your relevant skills suitable for a specific job is more demanding and significant.

Keeping in view of the essentials of work experience section, let’s see how the wording should be to make it more informative, elegant and proven.

  • Use active verbs that confirm your working capabilities in a particular area
  • Use simple sentences making it simple to read while emphasizing on facts of tasks carried out with efficiency
  • Use numerical figures that enhance and highlight your expertise - e.g. Built sales turnover to the extent of 10 Million and achieved profitability of +5% to the current profit margin.
  • Use bullet
  • Avoid too long sentences and narrate only one task in each bullet.
  • Make the sentences easily readable.
  • Avoid using too many adjectives
  • Use active verbs relevant to the tasks


Paying more attention to the work experience section, particularly if you have to add more jobs done in different organizations is quite challenging. Because, any misrepresentation of facts can lower the success rate of resume. In fact, working on this section on priority can improve the quality of content and performance of Resume.


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