3 Things To Consider To Submit a Resume for Part-Time Job

If you have made up your mind to search for a part-time job, the first thing to consider your resume. You will have to work on your resume and few additional factors discussed as follows:

1. Accurate Details on your Resume

As a college student or a high-school student, your resume does not have any work experience which is why, you should consider writing more about your education.

- Provide Name, address, contact No / mail-id

- Resume objective to be stated as an effort to learn about work environment that helps your career in the future.

- Your objective statement should not be more than two lines that directs your employer to know you and give a view on your resume.

- Projects  / Interested areas must also be provided.

2. Specific or Multiple Skills

With or without experience, you are applying for the job.  Your emphasis must be on your skills so far learned and it could be any favorite subject, sports, music or any other.

This conveys to the employer that you are quite a good learner willing to get adapted quickly.

3. Voluntary Service

Helping poor children or offering a voluntary service in church or at any other place can add a benefit to get a job quickly.

Working as a volunteer will indicate that you are quite helpful person in the community without the interest or motive to make money.

You will earn more points for your resume.

4. Cover Letter

A cover letter stating your interest for the job and briefing about you while enclosing your resume will impress the employer. Be brief in your cover letter and express that you are willing to join for the work immediately.


Understanding the resume writing basics and including resume writing action words will definitely bring success.

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