How to Apply for a Job with Your Resume

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In search of a good job? Plan to know more about job search?There are many talented job seekers still in search of a good job and they do not know exactly where to start. The point is, it begins with your resume. How to write content for your resume 

Never give up on applying for job and keep remodeling your resume for different jobs.

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Why your resume is so important? Because it has all the info that a company is in search of to hire you. Note that company is likely to hire you only when they find you as a prospective candidate. How to be a prospective candidate?

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  • First, read the job description thoroughly. 
  • Assess whether you are capable of doing job tasks assigned in the job description
  • Recall your past work experience / internships to examine whether you did those related jobs / equipped you with the skills needed 
  • Analyze, why your resume will be short-listed for interview? 
  • What are your strong solid skills that will impress hiring manager
  • Why should they hire you?
  • Will you be an engaging / non-engaging employee?
  • What expectations do you have about your new job that you are applying?
  • Are you sure that you will be called for an interview? If so, why will they call you?

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Tips to work on your Resume when applying for a new job

- You need to rework on your resume to make it ready-to-go-through appropriately in order with the job description

- Choose keywords for the job and arrange them systematically

- Avoid fillers / do not add extra content that is not required for job

- Quote and highlight your skills essential for the job

- Ensure that your resume satisfies hiring manager. Read why can't I get job with my resume

- Know what hiring managers wish to see in your resume - Here's exactly what hiring managers look for in a resume 

- Would you like to be that perfect candidate? Work on every section of your resume to make it a winning resume - How to write a winning resume 
- There are different types of resumes for different jobs, careers and profiles
- Take an in-depth analysis about your education, skills you have earned, internships and your record of achievements in a company
-Highlight accomplishments first
- Be specific on your job tasks as it conveys your capabilities to execute works
- Add your recent education / certification on top in education section
- Choose an appealing resume format that quickly highlights your profile

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Tips on where to submit your Resume

Identify prospective job sites that offer free and premium job search services.  List of job sites 
 Upload your resume and profile details. Thereafter, apply for jobs regularly. If contact details are provided, call the company and give follow-up. Companies will appreciate your interest and you are likely to get hired.

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Know about video resume as this is the latest buzz in the world of job search.. Read Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes

How to write cover letter

Cover letter can be between 250-350 words and it must have an overall view about your profile and why you are applying for the job and how you meet the requirements of the company. It must convey that you are the perfect candidate for the job.


Applying for a job can be a challenging task as you need to work really hard on your resume.  But getting fully acquainted with your skills, capabilities and confidence levels. Apart from an effective resume, it is your effort to prepare well for an interview.

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