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I hereby extend my reference to Ms.Arundhathi, who has been working on my web site for more than an year now as a writer and I have found her to be an efficient and good writer. She attends to the requests of customers promptly and there are nearly 60 customers to her credit who are pleased with her writing.

She takes time to converse with me in google chat session and informs me about various works and submissions made by her at the web site. She takes time to communicate with me and I really appreciate this good quality in her.

She is very hard working in her area of expertise and she endeavors to give the best even in the outside area of her expertise and this means, her main source of strength is hard work. She has a post-graduate degree in M.A.English Literature and has secretarial, administrative experience in her work achievements and is now settled as a home-based freelance writer for four years now and she is doing a good job.

Her resume writing skills include, drafting of fresh resumes, updation of resumes and revision of resumes. She takes care of each and every resume as a personal work and she attends to the work.

She has good internet research skills, proper and appropriate wording in content and works with good speed.

By taking her writing services, I am sure she will prove to be an asset to your organisation.

I wish her all the very best from my side.

Rob Noyes,
Founder, U.S.A
July 13, 2010

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